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Join us for an all-virtual conference on climate change and sustainability issues October 2-3, 2021.

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The climate crisis is a big problem, and it will require many solutions. We already have the necessary technology - now we need to solve the human side of the problem: education, consensus, and implementation.


We need planners, engineers, architects, and builders. We need scientists, writers, educators, and expert consultants. We need entrepreneurs, economists, agricultural specialists, and businesspeople. We need government workers, administrators, and motivated community members. We need YOU.

On October 2-3, 2021, the Initiative for Climate Leadership and Resilience at Cal Poly is hosting the all-virtual solutions-focused fundraising conference "CLIMATE SOLUTIONS NOW" with the following goals:

  •  Explore current efforts at solving the world’s biggest problem, and avenues for getting engaged in a manner that befits your particular skills and interests.
  • Discover current and forthcoming Learn By Doing opportunities for students and faculty in the climate change and sustainability domains.
  • Strategize faster, more efficient carbon emissions-reduction efforts and more equitable, efficient and effective responses to climate change.
  • Energize communication between scientists, engineers, government employees, practitioners, and entrepreneurs working on climate challenges. 

Your participation in this event will help launch the next generation of climate leaders!

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Conference Activities

Over 90+ Talks and Discussions in 12 Parallel Tracks

  • Agriculture & Food Systems
  • Alternative Energy
  • The Built Environment
  • Campus Facilities and Operations
  • Careers in Sustainability
  • Climate Action Planning
  • Environmental Justice and Public Policy
  • Natural Resources
  • Regional and Local Climate Action
  • The Sciences
  • Transportation
  • Volunteer Organizations

Keynote Speakers:

Also featuring speakers from Vistra, ThorCon, Ecdysis Foundation, Carbon Cycle Institute, CalCAN, as well as people working on climate in local governments, experts on high-efficiency buildings and other industries, and entrepreneurs and faculty experts from across California.

Speaker List


Short Courses

The following short courses will be offered during the conference. The suggested donation for a short course is $100. These courses do not provide accreditation, but your donation is tax-deductible. 

  • Carbon Farm Planning. [Course is Closed] For farmers and agribusiness professionals to learn about low-carbon and regenerative farming techniques and implementation. 
  • High-Performance Buildings. [Course is Closed] For HVAC professionals to learn about automated control systems and new electric alternatives to gas appliances (heat pumps, thermal energy systems, etc).
  • Introduction to LCA - what and how. We will discuss the framework of life-cycle analysis for carbon accounting, what information is needed to conduct LCA, and how to interpret the results. The course provides familiarity with relevant jargon in order to better understand its context.
  • Climate Action Planning. For planners, elected officials, and engaged students and faculty to learn lessons for developing a community plan for decarbonizing and adapting to unavoidable climate impacts at a municipal level.


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If you are interested in making a presentation at the conference, please contact


Please support our work at ICLR! Your contribution supports this conference and the other meaningful work we do; see About Us for examples. You can become a sponsor by clicking the button below:


In addition to full conference access, any sponsorship includes a profile page in the Sponsor Center which you can customize with video and HTML content. You can use this space to showcase your company and assist with workforce development. Networking and social media opportunities are offered through the conference but we are not scheduling interviews at this event. However, these opportunities are available at the Cal Poly Career Fair Oct. 5-6. To recruit at that event, please visit Cal Poly Career Services.



  • Silver Sponsor: $1,000 (Track sponsorship) When sponsoring a particular track, in addition to the headline banner, your graphic will appear in the agenda listing and also on the talk page for any talk in the sponsored track. 


  • Gold Sponsor: $2,000  In addition to the above, sponsor receives verbal recognition during opening plenary remarks.


  • Diamond Sponsor: $5,000  (Event sponsorship) In addition to above, sponsor receives banner placement on home page with “Climate Solutions Now brought to you by ___” message.

For tax purposes, the sponsorship is valued at $80, so this portion of your donation is not tax-deductible. Cal Poly is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation.


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